As the whole complementary health sector undergoes self regulation leading to external regulation, spiritual healing too has been keeping pace, establishing registers of full healers, a Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Procedures and Guidelines for acceptable practice. The Soul Therapy Centre, through its own registered Healing Association ‘The Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers’ is in the vanguard of developments, making sure that all Soul Therapists practise at the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Spiritual Healing and related disciplines and terms are fully explained and defined under Definitions.

The Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers (S.T.A.S.H.)

The Soul Therapy Centre formed its own healing association, The Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers, in 2006. It is therefore able to train, certify and insure spiritual healers to nationally recognised standards, according to the code of conduct, regulations and guidelines laid down by the British Alliance of Healing Associations (B.A.H.A.)

Regulatory Bodies

The Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers is a member organisation of the British Alliance of Healing Associations, a regulatory association registering over 50 Healing Associations around the UK. It ranks alongside the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and The Spiritualist National Union as one of the three key bodies through which Spiritual Healers are registered and insured.

The Soul Therapy healing training programme has been certified to the highest level (Stage 4) by UK Healers, the umbrella organisation which talks to government bodies on behalf of all registered spiritual healers, and which has laid down the rules for self regulation in preparation for future government regulation of all complementary healthcare sectors.

The move from self regulation to full government regulation took a significant step with the creation in 2008 of the government-sponsored Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). This body aims to create a voluntary national register of complementary healthcare practitioners working to the highest standards. Sector standards are being developed in consultation with each sector. Those for spiritual healing are being created with the help of UK Healers and the registering bodies it represents. The creation of the CNHC is supported by the Department of Health.

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