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The two year part time Diploma Course in Soul Therapy, comprising a Foundation and an Advanced Year, leads to qualification to nationally accredited standards as a registered spiritual healer.

Soul Therapy is for anyone who has the desire to help others at a profoundly healing level, heart to heart, soul to soul, whether already a health professional or practitioner interested in expanding their practice, or simply curious to learn this therapeutic approach. Anyone who wishes it, has the ability to become a powerful channel for healing. As well as guiding development as a spiritual healer, and giving a firm grounding in solution-oriented therapeutic talk, the Diploma Course also introduces a range of ideas and subtle energy techniques. With an approach that is practical rather than theoretical, the tutors help each individual to develop his or her skills as a practitioner in their own unique and individual style.
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Once qualified as spiritual healers and Soul Therapists, our graduates are invited to join our rolling programme of CPD and continued training, offered via our Professional Practitioner Group, which meets once a month.

For detailed course information please phone the Soul Therapy Centre on 020 8883 8562 to talk to Ingrid Collins, or email .

Foundation Year

Wednesdays, 6.30-9.30, 3 terms, 10 weeks per term, Muswell Hill N10

The Foundation Year offers a hands on introduction to a powerful and unique combination of spiritual healing from trained healers and talk therapy from experienced psychologists supported by imaginative and subtle energy techniques capable of engaging at all levels, from the spiritual to the physical. Training in becoming an excellent channel for spiritual healing begins in the first session and continues throughout the year, including free access to the Healing Practice Clinic.

£2075, with option to pay in instalments

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Advanced Year

Tuesdays 6.30-9.30 pm, 15 times per year, Muswell Hill, N10

The Advanced Year helps the emerging Soul Therapist to start to put into practise all the skills and ideas acquired in the Foundation Year. Providing a transition to working with clients as a professional therapist, in this second year of the course, students learn how to engage with clients as Soul Therapists in a therapeutic context, under supervision and with the support of the class and invited clients. This practical training is within a continuing curriculum of further learning to refine and enhance the individual style of each emerging practitioner, with continuing free access to the Healing Practice Clinic.

£1070, with option to pay in instalments

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Professional Practitioner Group

Thursdays, 7-10pm, 12 times per year, Muswell Hill, N10

This forum for continued learning supports the newly qualified Soul Therapist and spiritual healer in the establishment of their own practice. Designed to fulfil the criteria for further learning and continuous professional development (CPD), members are encouraged to bring and discuss issues and questions and to engage with further study. The support of the class allows knowledge, experience and insights to be shared and enhanced, under supervision of the tutors.

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Healing Practice Clinic

Tuesdays 6.30-9.30, 8 times per year, East Finchley N2

Student healers need to complete a minimum of 24 months supervised healing practice before being eligible to go forward to be assessed for the qualification of Full Spiritual Healer.

The Healing Practice Clinic is an additional resource, free to all registered Students and Practitioners. Running alongside the course, it allows the student healer to achieve the required number of supervised healing hours within the two years of the Diploma Course, and alongside the Soul Therapy curriculum.

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About Our Teaching Methods:

  • Training in Spiritual Healing and subtle energy work
  • Group discussions of aspects of Soul Therapy
  • Live supervised sessions
  • Presentation of individual cases, processes, sessions
  • Experiential exercises
  • Role play
  • Video presentation
  • Seminar paper presentation

The Soul Therapy Centre established its own Healing Association in 2006 and is a member organisation of the British Alliance of Healing Associations. The tutors are fully qualified to train and certify spiritual healers to the nationally recognised and accredited standards laid down by UK Healers in line with approaching Government regulation of the sector.

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