Feedback from Graduates

Our Graduates come from all walks of life and a wide range of professions. Many are practising mental health workers or established health professionals, both in mainstream medicine and in the complementary field, looking to extend their skills and practice. Others are brought to the Diploma Course via their own experience of Soul Therapy and/ or spiritual healing, and come with the enthusiasm to learn how to work with healing and subtle energy in order to be able to enrich their own lives and of those close to them.

What people are saying about our courses:

The Foundation Course in Soul Therapy has enhanced my life at every level of existence: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It has enriched my professional practice, enabling me to work with clients both as before and by adding new possibilities to how I listen, connect and work on many levels so that together we may co-create new and different stories in their lives.

C C, Psychotherapist

I enrolled on the S T Course not to become a practitioner but for me! Following major surgery for my dissected aorta I had to face and deal with a number of domestic and personal issues which became apparent after my operation. I had become disenchanted with the spiritual nourishment provided by conventional religion for many years and had been moving towards engaging with 'natural' energy. Since 1983 I have been an active collector of trees and increasingly began to understand the power of my attraction to them. I feel increasingly 'in tune' with my spirit and try to garden 'with soul'. The ST course has assisted me enormously to take control of my life, to trust my instincts and to live my life on my terms for me; Not in fear or with guilt. I have some way to go!! I have received support and love from all tutors and students and feel that I have grown 'spiritually'.

J D, Businessman

The Soul Therapy Course opened up a window into another world and I feel that my life has been very changed in a myriad of ways from studying with you. I often give healing to friends who need it - even in SOS situations. I was in the middle of the African Bush and a girl jumped from a cliff into a shallow pool and broke her ankle in several places. It took hours for the emergency services to come and I managed to keep her pain at bay by giving her healing for many hours until the ambulance arrived and gave her morphine!

More than anything I feel it has opened up my link to animals, and animal communication - something I would like to get more involved with as time goes on. I have a plan to open up some kind of animal sanctuary later in life and rehabilitate injured or forgotten souls and get them re-homed. I feel the course has opened up my ability to communicate with them in a non-verbal way and to be able to listen properly to creatures that don’t have the power of speech!

It is such a beautiful thing to be able to have the skills to give something back when you are called on to do so.

C S, Film Director

I realize that I had a heightened awareness of what needed to be changed in my consulting room ...... I have now transformed my workplace into a warm, welcoming, spiritual place of harmony, a space of being.

Any island of discomfort that I brought with me to this course of past, unhealed stories has now been surrounded by an ocean of comfort, showing me a new way to look with clients at their problems, illuminating new understandings of their language - analogical and verbal. My new Soul Therapy ideas have removed in me the “barriers in silence” that prevented me from fully exercising my attention in a therapeutic way on healing myself and others. A lost reality has been retrieved and a new reality of awareness of my potential healing qualities has been made available to me.

J B-C, Psychotherapist & Personal Fitness Trainer

Doing the Soul Therapy Course has opened exciting new ways of relating to myself, to my work, and to all life. It enhances my professional work as a systemic practitioner and has enabled me to bring new forms of healing to my clients.

F R, Psychotherapist

The Soul Therapy Foundation Course has been an amazing experience in terms of knowledge, development and discovery of innate capabilities. The course has also been great fun and the environment relaxing and welcoming. The teachings challenges you to keep an open mind and stimulates towards further research. The group is small which enhances learning and great interaction between colleagues, all tutors are knowledgable in a variety of disciplines but most of all 'beautiful people'. As I progress thought the course my ability to connect to my inner being as well as to the universal life forces (Chi / Ki energy) has even surprised me at times, I feel my life is more balanced and I am more appreciative of others, myself, nature and events around me. I am able to work on my self including my chakras and bring wellbeing and contentment to my body and soul. I could actually go on and on about the course! It has truly been a great experience!

S B, Nurse Practitioner

I have become very interested in the idea that we carry our experience in our body, and how we can work with that in therapy. This course has helped me to take our physical and spiritual being into account. I have started thinking about how we are in relationship with our spirit, our home, our environment. I yearned to connect with the body and soul of my clients; this course led me down that road. I love connecting the ideas of old sages with social constructionist thinking.

C G, Psychotherapist

The Soul Therapy Diploma Course opened up a rich resource of life skills that help me to achieve the best learning results for my students, and inspirational new insights into my field of research.

A S, Art Historian and Lecturer

Soul Therapy has a remarkably positive effect on the consultation process.

Dr J K, General Practice

An enjoyable, constructive way to open to the true nature of healing and enrich my own and my patients' lives.

Dr E W, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

The Soul Therapy tutors are a better team than even Manchester United!

M D, Spiritual Healer, NLP Master Practitioner
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