Adriana Peñalosa-Clarke

Adriana Peñalosa-Clarke
Course Tutor and Consultant

Adriana sees clients at ‘The Heath Mind-Body Therapies’, London NW3

Phone: 44 208 361 8833
Mobile: 07813 358212


What Adriana offers:

A unique combination of systemic-based psychotherapy and spiritual healing with other subtle energy techniques. Clients benefit as they work through a very positive psychotherapeutic session and experience first hand the powerful influence of the interrelation between mind-body and spirit.

How she works:

Through a session of psychotherapy and healing Adriana offers her clients the possibility to heal any aspect of their lives. By combining these two areas of work, it is possible to go beyond the barriers of time and space, healing past traumas and projecting dream futures.


Adriana is a psychologist, systemic psychotherapist, qualified teacher and supervisor of systemic psychotherapy (UKCP registered). She has been training psychotherapists for 15 years, presenting workshops in England and abroad. She has worked both with the NHS and in private practice.


Clients usually come because they want to improve some specific area of their lives. This way of working is especially effective for changing long standing unwanted habits, resolving relational problems and setting and achieving new life goals.


A unique combination of psychotherapy and healing.


London & International Dip. Psychology. Dip Systemic Psychotherapy. Dip Systemic Psychotherapy Teaching and Supervision. UKCP.

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