Christine Bachmann

Christine Bachmann
Registered Spiritual Healer, Soul Therapy Practitioner

Christine sees clients in Highgate, N6.

Phone: 020 8341 5516
Mobile: 07974 645 992


What Christine Offers:

Christine offers spiritual healing and soul therapy, incorporating meditation practices and subtle energy techniques, to help clients with a wide range of issues. Spiritual healing is a natural energy therapy that brings beneficial life-force or universal energy, from the purest source, through the healer to the client. The word ‘spiritual’ refers to the divine quality of the energy; clients need not have any particular faith or religious belief to benefit from healing.

How Christine Works:

The healing/soul therapy session begins with conversation, identifying the areas or issues the client wishes to heal. Christine channels the healing energy through her hands, which she holds a short distance from the client’s body. Usually the client is lying down for the treatment, as this supports relaxation into healing. The client may experience a sensation of warmth or a feeling of peace as the energy flows. Clients often find the sessions deeply relaxing and restorative. Other positive shifts frequently follow. Spiritual healing is offered in a caring and gentle way that focuses on the truth of the client’s own experience. The session provides a sacred space that supports this process. There is time for reflection and integration afterwards.


If one’s life-force energy has become blocked or depleted, this may over time lead to problems such as illness, stress or emotional difficulties. Christine directs the healing energy to where it is needed in the client’s energy system, treating the whole person at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This restores energy, removes blocks and re-establishes balance. It releases stress and tension, relaxes the body, and supports and strengthens the client’s own inherent self-healing ability.

Healing and soul therapy encourage well-being at all levels and are helpful with a wide range of conditions. They can provide significant support for conventional medical treatment and other therapies, and are effective in maintaining good health and vitality as well. Spiritual healing and soul therapy also help clients to know the peaceful, sacred centre within themselves. Here one can reconnect with one’s own highest energies of light and love. This can be a transformative and life enhancing experience.


Christine trained in Reiki in the 1990s and has been developing her practice in spiritual healing since then. She has completed three years professional training in spiritual healing and soul therapy, and undertakes continuing professional development. As a registered practitioner, she abides by her association’s professional code of conduct.

Christine has been on a path of spiritual development and meditation practice for over 20 years. She brings the benefits of this experience to her healing work, which is heart-centred and soul-led. Her aim is to work with love, compassion and presence as she assists each client on their healing journey.


- BA MSc
- Registered spiritual healer and Soul Therapist
- Healer member of the Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers (a member organisation of the British Alliance of Healing Associations)
- Healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers/The Healing Trust
- Advanced Diploma and Practice Certificate in Soul Therapy
- Reiki I & II

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