Karin Murray

Karin Murray
Registered Spiritual Healer, Soul Therapy Practitioner

Karin sees clients in South London (South West).

Mobile: 07578743407

Website: www.lagasoultherapyhealing.com

What Karin Offers:

Karin, or Laga Soul Therapy Healing, offers soul therapy and spiritual healing on a soul-based approach. "Laga" means to make complete, or whole, in Swedish and represents the soul-based approach Laga Soul Therapy Healing offers. This means that the healer is heart centred and listening to the voice of soul, while focused on each person's journey of transformation. It is a soul-guided therapy and healing helping the client to return to Oneness, where the healer's energy field becomes a healing presence for the client and the healer.

How Karin Works:

Each person have their own reason for their condition and their own answers. The healer's role is to create a safe environment where healing presence can manifest, based on the client's needs. That person's soul or Higher self selects the healing energies that will be most effective for a particular condition on that particular occasion.
The healer is present for the client without judgement or expectation and supports the client in their healing journey.
Karin offers complementary therapy and does not make medical diagnoses.


Karin works on principles of self-help healing by creating sessions for her clients to help them connect with their inner wisdom and resources to help them help themselves by using Soul Therapy, Spiritual Healing, and subtle energy techniques.
Karin offers Soul Therapy and Spiritual Healing for a wide range of issues relating to physical conditions such as pain and illnesses, emotional traumas, personal and relationship problems, and for pure relaxation and reflection.


Karin was born and brought up in Sweden and has been living in London for a number of years. She is based in South West London where she lives with her husband and daughter. Karin trained as a Soul Therapist and Spiritual Healer with the Soul Therapy Centre and also has experience in facilitating self-help groups and weekends for survivors of abuse.


- BA Development Studies and Economics - Registered Spiritual Healer and Soul Therapist - Healer Member of the Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers (a member organisation of the British Alliance of Healing Associations/UK Healers) - Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers/The Healing Trust - Advanced Diploma and Practice Certificate in Soul Therapy

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