Applying Soul Therapy

Combining their work as experienced mental health practitioners, and practitioners in healing and subtle energy techniques, the tutor/ consultants apply the unique therapeutic approach combining Spiritual Healing, therapeutic talk and subtle energy techniques they have named ‘Soul Therapy’, in the following ways:

  • Treating clients with therapeutic and healing energy techniques
  • Bringing awareness of the spiritual dimension to health professionals
  • Offering workshops and seminars in related topics (e.g.: other complementary and alternative treatments)
    Encouraging the design and implementation of research programmes into the effectiveness of spiritual healing - one such study is described in our book, Soul Therapy, healing at every level of existence
  • Training those with strong spiritual gifts to develop to their full potential and to adapt and use these gifts in their everyday life and work (see the Soul Therapy Diploma Course)
  • Presenting a high standard of professional service to all those who need healing
  • Supporting and supervising practitioners already working with Spirit in the community (see the Practitioner page)

The work of the Soul Therapy Centre, which is often quoted in the media, is acknowledged in a wider context. The course founder, Ingrid Collins is a representative on the Parliamentary Group for Integrated and Complementary Healthcare (PGICH). The Centre’s own Healing Association is a nationally recognised member of the key Regulatory Bodies in the field of Spiritual Healing. The Diploma Course is accredited (Stage 4) by the umbrella regulatory organisation, UK Healers, as fulfilling all their requirements for the training of Spiritual Healers.

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