The Soul Therapy Story

The Soul Therapy Centre was founded in 1996 by Ingrid Collins. Ingrid’s move from Consultant Educational Psychologist for the Inner London Education Authority to private practice was triggered by the Authority’s abolition in 1990. Deciding to refuse job offers from a couple of London Boroughs, she set up her own consultancy from her home. One of her first private therapy clients was a spiritual healer. At that time, her gorgeous little lilac-point Siamese cat was dying of kidney failure. The cat accosted her client, sat on her knee and received healing from her as the session progressed. Over the course of the client’s psychotherapy, Ingrid’s cat came for her healing every week and made a full recovery, much to Ingrid’s delight and astonishment. Her client persuaded her that she herself had a powerful healing gift and urged her to ‘get on with it’.

From that moment, Ingrid began to combine psychotherapy with healing - with amazing success. Soon her work attracted the attention of skilful systemic psychotherapist, Adriana Peñalosa-Clarke (a tutor at the Kensington Consultation Centre - KCC), and together they conducted some research into the effectiveness of what they were beginning to describe as Soul Therapy. Over time, other effective subtle energy approaches were added to the techniques offered to clients (meditation, visualisation, feng shui and flower essences, to name a few). A third colleague, Juan Carlos Lema, also a systemic therapist and tutor at the KCC, joined the team. Ingrid and Adriana presented a paper on Soul Therapy at the World Federation of Mental Heath Conference in Dublin in the summer of 1995 and the resultant interest led to requests for training, answered by offering a one year course. Just four students were accepted in the first year.

Since that first course began in January 1996, the Soul Therapy Centre has progressed to become a unique resource and training clinic, taking students through a rich and thorough two year curriculum which leads now to the nationally accredited qualification of full registered spiritual healer. The Soul Therapy Association of Spiritual Healers was created in 2006 within the remit of the Alliance of Healing Associations, allowing the Centre to train, register and insure Healers. Kathryn Scorza, a hypnotherapist, who originally joined as a student in 2002, showed such talent and dedication that in a few short years she now finds herself a co-Director. The Centre is proud of its thriving student group and practitioner group, and many graduates have established their own practices. Others have used Soul Therapy to enrich their lives and those of their loved ones on an informal basis.

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